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I am a life-long learner with advanced degrees, so what! Being educated seems to have nothing to do with intelligence these days. Watching the last fifty years unfold I know that, for humans, learning happens with every moment: everywhere, anytime and, in all ways / always. If your mind and heart are with that concept!

Given the challenges, I am grateful for the opportunity to co-raise three wonderfully intelligent children. They graduated from college, I work with my wife, and I take time to re-focuse (daily) on the nature of reality -- and to some of the sensitivites that started during the 1970s!

OKAY! Fast forward about fifty years to a life filled with mind-boggling technology and more instantaneous communication (around the world in seconds) then I could ever have imagined. In a hot instant, old-school has turned into new school and where the idea of STEM for me is SHTEAM (Science, Humanities, Technology, Engineering, Arts and the new MATH which Andrew Yang describes as Make America Think Harder!!! How true! Long story and process for another moment.

On the other hand, I have come to interpret religion and politics with a more questionable eye! I mean, war between nations have killed g'zillions of people on our planet ... wondering what the stats really say on this manner. Going back to the beginning of written history puts us to the Summerians, India and ancient Egyptians as well as to civilizations in meso-America and SE Asia. So, why is so much hidden from view?

I attempt to understand our current cultural paradigm(s) as it's protrayed in the media and history books and this is more than exhasuting emotionally than I could ever have imagined. The victors write history, and so much that was lost seems to be making a come-back. In present terms, thanks to my millenials and their peers, I have come to see (my) old-school beliefs creeping through with bias and presumption and moments of sheer ineptitude. This sends me back to my bubble for my studying and searching and reflecting ...

I take solace in the beauty of nature, the changing of seasons - and being somewhere at sunset as well as moonrise...


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Director of Communications - Red Bank Acupuncture & Wellness Center

I work with my wife & life-partner, author & Chinese Medicine practitioner, Shoshanna Katzman in the running of our wellness center in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. She has been an acupuncturist and herbalist for over 40 years, and has been teaching qigong and tai chi in the greater Red Bank area since the early 1990s. The primary goal of Red Bank Acupuncture & Wellness Center has always been to assist people in re-claiming their health in order to generate longer-term wellness. In this role, I take care of all the financials, provide web site maintainance & social media communications and help the front office run smoothly.


AT&T Product Management & Marketing

I was a member of the team which launched the first Ethernet and Wide-Area Networking products.


1984, 1974

MA, Human Development & California Teaching Credentials

Pacific Oaks College, Pasadena CA


BA, General Studies

University of Michigan


International Studies

Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

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